BioMedInnovations LLC (BMI), a medical device company, makes precision air and fluid flow devices, including products for lung ventilators and ex-vivo organ and tissue perfusion.


Carrie DiMarzio, CEO

Bill Sullivan, CFO

Tony Arndt, VP ENG

  • Experience Includes:
  • Industrial Hard Carbon
  • Experience Includes:
  • .
  • Experience Includes:
  • IHC
  • Technical Advantage Inc.

Ms. Carrie DiMarzio has formally been COO of BioMedInnovations, LLC since 2019, and informally COO since 2015. Ms. DiMarzio has learned about, been involved with, and managed every aspect of BMI’s corporate development since her start with BMI. Current and prior experience includes formally being CEO of Industrial Hard Carbon, LLC (IHC) for two years, a specialty surface modification and thin film coating service provider, having been CEO informally while General Manager for seven years. Prior relevant business experience is primarily in marketing and sales. Ms. DiMarzio has the 10,000 foot vision, commitment to match, and attention to detail on the ground to execute on the vision with excellent people skills.


Tony Arndt is VP of Engineering and has been involved in all aspects of CaVESWave® software development, system integration, automation and commercial design for production. Mr. Arndt earned a BSEE specializing in automation from UNC-Charlotte after having studied Applied Science of Radio Communications Technology in the Air Force early in his career. Six years’ immediate prior experience at Industrial Hard Carbon, LLC, Denver NC is that of Automation Engineer including complex production equipment and facilities. Mr. Arndt has owned and operated his Company, Technical Advantage, for nearly 30 years. Mr. Arndt’s broad, well rounded, electrical, mechanical, software and automation experience serves BMI’s startup position well.


David Gerber, MD

Gerry Lake-Bakaar, MD, Ph.D.

Matthew Hartwig, MD

  • Experience Includes:
  • UNC
  • George F. Sheldon
  • Distinguished Professor and
  • Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs
  • Experience Includes:
  • Transplant Hepatologist
  • Transplant Ctr. Porter
  • Adventist Hospital
  • Experience Includes:
  • Duke Lung Transplant Clinic
  • Lung Transplant Surgeon
  • Thoracic Surgeon

Chief Executive Officer

Carrie DiMarzio BiomedInnovations (LLC)



the future of precision perfusion

CaVESWave® is an investigative device in the preclinical stage of development. It has not yet been tested extensively on humans or approved for commercial sale by the FDA or by any other regulatory body. ©BMI Proprietary and Confidential