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First Demo of BMI SuppleVent ™ ventilator technology


by Chantal Allam, NCBiotech Writer — March 30, 2020

As the world grapples with a shortage of ventilators for COVID-19 patients, a small North Carolina life science startup has designed a low-cost option.

Until a few weeks ago, the company was focused on making equipment that helps prolong organ life for transplants.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and it decided to change tack.


(WCNC) Medical device company working overtime to make ventilators to help save coronavirus patients

In the interview Sherif Gabriel, CEO of BioMedInnovations, states:

“Seven days ago we realized that the core technology in our perfusion system could be utilized to make highly effecient, low-cost ventilator, and ideally help COVID-19 patients.”
Repirator Equipment

Prototyping the Technology

Some of the on-going bench prototyping of equipment for the BMI SuppleVent™ COVID-19, Low-Cost, Rapidly-Manufactured ventilator.


As depicted in the CBS article BioMedInnovtions is hard at work in battling the COVID-19 virus:

“So what we thought is we could provide a ventilator that could support the rest of the population at a level of airflow oxygen flow to the lungs that was sufficient to maintain their needs before they needed to go to the more extreme measure of the hospital ventilator,” said CEO BioMedInnovations CEO Sherif Gabriel.


Chief Executive Officer

BioMedInnovations LLC

I’m excited to be guiding the efforts of BioMedInnovations. BMI is developing a novel perfusion device to 1) preserve donated organ quality and 2) provide metrics for the transplant community to effectively determine organ health. Using a programmable physio-mimetic waveform (PPW) we are able to more consistently and effectively perfuse organs to the capillary bed. We are committed to significantly reducing the number of deaths of patients waiting on organ transplant lists.


BioMedInnovations LLC welcomes Sherif Gabriel as Chief Executive Officer at BioMedInnovations LLC.

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