Developing Next-Generation Organ and Tissue Perfusion for Transplantations


BMI OrganBank are experts in high control, low pressure, air, and fluid flow technology solutions, with one of our many patented technologies, emulating the “push and pull” of the cardiovascular system, providing the very ‘heart’ for a series of commercial products and newly emerging devices.

The Problem

In 2021

105,800 people

were on the U.S.A. Waiting List


needed a kidney

Only 27%

on the list got them

Every 10 mins

a person is added to the wait list

3-5 years average

waiting time for a kidney

17 people die

each day on that wait list


30% of donated

kidneys were not transplanted

Globally only 10%

of the transplant need is accommodated

It’s Time for These Numbers to Change

Our Solution

OrganBank rendering - Self-Contained Organ Preservation System
image of OrganBank App

OrganBank Transport & OrganBank™ Nest

  • A self-contained organ preservation system, designed to support multiple organs at a time
  • Provides controlled pulsatile perfusion using an oxygenated accelluar perfusion solution in a temperature controlled setting.
  • Capable of monitoring each of the hosted organs, displaying important perfusion parameters, including: perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and vascular resistance.
  • Features easily accessible aseptic organ cassettes, which facilitate quick connections and release, from/to the OrganBank portable organ transport system.
  • Optionally, the OrganBank provides dialysis of the perfusion solution for extended periods of organ maintenance.

*BMI intends to seek FDA Clearance for its first mobile device in 2023 and once secured to begin by focusing on the Kidney Transplant market.
*Computer-generated images: depict envisaged commercial OrganBank™ Transport and OrganBank™ Nest


One device for multiple organs, limps, and tissues

Longer preservation times, means longer distances for transport

Also, fewer time constraints for doctors and patients

No need to freeze organs that can cause cell damage

Our Partners

Duquesne University
School of Pharmacy
Duke University
ExVivo Organ Lab (“DEVOL”)
RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO)
Atrium Health,
Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (“WFIRM”)
Department of Defense
Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine (AFRIM)
UNC Kidney Center
US National Lab
Department of Energy
Department of Neuroscience, Yale School Of Medicine, Sestan Lab
BMI is an NCBC portfolio company

Committed to making a difference for:


500,000 people in the U.S. – and three times that many globally – are on the organ waitlist and dialysis


Provide better instruments and ex vivo organ metrics with which to work and make critical, life-saving decisions


Last year nearly 30% of donated kidneys were not transplanted, and only 10% of the transplant need is accommodated globally


Transplants have the potential to bend down the cost curve since they are less expensive than dialysis