Proprietary Perfusion System

OrganBank & OrganBank Transport

  • A self-contained organ preservation system, designed to support multiple organs at a time
  • Provides controlled pulsatile perfusion using an oxygenated accelluar perfusion solution in a temperature controlled setting.
  • Capable of monitoring each of the hosted organs, displaying important perfusion parameters, including: perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and vascular resistance.
  • Features easily accessible aseptic organ cassettes, which facilitate quick connections and release, from/to the OrganBank portable organ transport system.
  • Optionally, the OrganBank provides dialysis of the perfusion solution for extended periods of organ maintenance.

*BMI intends to seek FDA Clearance for its first mobile device in Q3 2022 and once secured to begin by focusing on the Kidney Transplant market.
*Computer-generated images: depict envisaged commercial OrganBank™ Transport and OrganBank™

Proprietary Advantages

Temperature Controlled Perfusion

Temperature control ramping available from 4 to 37 degrees

Recover Organs

The ability to recover discarded organs

Extending Preservation Time

Extend the time from 6 hours to more than 24 hours that the organs are viable for transplant

One Platform – All Organs

Proven and patented technology and ‘methods & apparatus’ regularly used to perfuse an array of different organs and tissue types

Auto-adjusted Perfusion Flow

Customizable waveform on a portal and arterial circuit

Realtime Tracking and Vital Metrics

Our edge to cloud data will give valuable information to the surgeons and patient

In pre-clinical trials OrganBank preserves organs for over 24 hours

Image of Kidney from donor 30 minutes ExVivo

Kidney from donor 30 minutes ex vivo

Image of kidney after 5 minutes on OrganBank

Kidney after 5 minutes on OrganBank

Image of kidney after 24 hours on OrganBank

Kidney after over 24 hours on OrganBank

Image of kidney after blood infused on OrganBank

Kidney blood infused after 24 hours

OrganBank Logo

This technology has been built into a transport organ carrier that will preserve the organ during transportation. Today organ transportation is restricted to only 500 miles…. Our technology will deliver coast-to-coast capability – and even International reach.


While in transit, we will share real-time tracking and condition data to the surgeons so they can make a conscious decision to proceed with transplant, even before seeing the organ.


For the first time we are providing transparency for the patients that will help remove patients anxiety, and create peace of mind prior to these life changing operations.

image of OrganBank App


  • Transforming patient experience
  • Revenue generator for Transplant Centers

OrganBank Transport

  • Preserves and revitalizes organs during transport, minimizing discards
  • Real-time tracking and organ condition data access for surgeon and patients

Edge-to-cloud technology


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